What is NinjaSwap ?

NinjaSwap is a Dex that allows you to trade, grow, and bet on BEP-20 tokens. His MMA follows the uniswap tradition. But you get your speed and an affordable transaction fee from Binance Smart Chain. The team has no interest in agriculture and gambling, it provides all the income to the participants. The team only benefits from the AMO special sale. In fact, the 0.05% LP fee is bought back and burned.

A ninja is a person who acts in secret and defends himself very well.The ninja philosophy combined with the blockchain culture unites on the NinjaSwap platform. A ninja does not have a master (a master is included in ninja but cannot cover a ninja!) And is therefore decentralized just like NinjaSwap Dex. A ninja respects and adores the work, as does the CAKE snapshot airdrop. A ninja glorifies as needed and never gives up, just like LOVE. Ninja likes to share success and failure, support what Ninja believes in, as well as the Ninja IFO platform.

Project Bounty

Bounty (Preminted 80K Ninja) Twitter Assignment:

Like (1 Share), RT (2 Participation), Follow (1 Participation)

Telegram Task:

Group (1 Participation) and Channel Join (1 Participation).

Reddit task: join (1 bet), raise (2 bets) and comment (1 bet).

For every bet earned using Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit rewards, that hunter’s referrer will receive 20%. Bob’s referral link and if Alice wins 10 bets, Bob receives 2 additional bets. There will be no limit on the number of people referred. As mentioned above, it is very important that upon reaching Soft-Hardcap (1M Ninja) the reward rewards are distributed to the campaign participants in proportion to their interests.

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Token and Social Web Contract information details

“NinjaBounty”: 0xfa141bde480d23fc8ebbe2b72621506499815067 “NinjaToken”: 0x93e7567f277f353d241973d6f85b5fea1Dddam “”Ninjaamo”:0xdeddd7a0F96A8D89B5336C66FCDFB29AA885FCDFB29AA885F6AC3


Website: ninjaswap.app
Email: contact@ninjaswap.app
Reddit: NinjaSwap_App
Twitter: NinjaSwapApp
Telegram Group: Ninjaswap
Telegram Channel: ninjaswapAnn
LinkedIn: ninja-swap
Medium: ninjaswap



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